Sourcing Household Appliances

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Sourcing Household Appliances

sourcing household appliances

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Gagarin is proud to announce the opening of a new interactive exhibition on renewable energy for Landsvirkjun Power Company at the hydro power station Burfellsvirkjun. Gagarin produced the exhibition, created the concept and managed the development and implementation.

The purpose of this exhibition is to give visitors insight into how the power plants in Iceland operate, about future energy sources, Iceland’s geology and the energy usage of household appliances.

Gagarin’s ambition for this exhibition was to actively engage the visitors with innovative interactive installation. For example the visitors can operate a hydro power station, learn about the power plants in Iceland in an interactive table and use actual plug-ins to show the energy usage of household appliances.

The exhibition opened on June 11 and welcomes visitors every day throughout the summer.

Gagarin would like to thank the many colleagues that helped make this exhibition come alive:

Architectural design: MGA

Additional construction: Zedrus

Additional solution and advice: Samey

Script: Ari Trausti Gu?mundsson

Print: Logoflex

Lighting: Onlight

Construction: Tre og Straumur

Kalorik Appliances, Steam Iron, circa 1930s – Advertising Postcard

Kalorik Appliances, Steam Iron, circa 1930s - Advertising Postcard
Steam Iron

Tous les electriciens vous offrent le fer a repasser "KALORIK" a facettes avec manche corne, criterium de progres.
(All electricians offer iron "Kalorik," faceted with horn handle, criterion of progress.)

Date: Circa 1930s
Source Type: Postcard
Printer, Publisher, Photographer: Phobel (Belgium)
Postmark: None
Collection: Steven R. Shook
Remark: Kalorik is a household appliance manufacturer headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Established in 1930, Kalorik is one of Europe’s oldest manufacturers of household appliances, and is still in operation today.

sourcing household appliances